“Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need” by Blake Snyder provides a useful framework for marketing strategies.

Snyder’s “beat sheet” formula, originally designed for screenwriting, can be adapted to create a structured and engaging marketing plan that achieves desired outcomes.

The formula covers introducing the product or brand, stating its unique value proposition, identifying potential obstacles, and creating memorable and exciting marketing “set pieces” that culminate in a successful outcome for the target audience.

Steps (or Plots)

15 steps to write a compelling story, used by most best-selling movies and books.

I made a short mind mapping that can help you

Condensed Save the Cat plots Mind mapping


“Save the Cat” provides valuable insights for marketers looking to create a compelling and effective marketing strategy.

By adapting Snyder’s “beat sheet” formula, marketers can create a structured and engaging plan that not only achieves desired outcomes but also captivates and excites their target audience.

From introducing the product or brand to creating memorable marketing “set pieces,” the formula covers all the essential elements of a successful marketing plan.

Create a marketing plan that is not only effective but also memorable and engaging for the audience.