Entrepreneur and Developer passionate about Business and Cryptocurrency.

Developed my first PC game in 1994 (Throm JPC).

Built my first website and my first company in 1997 (Simultec).

Since then I founded and managed:

  • N***x (Crypto. DApp), Gibraltar, Revealed in 2022
  • Bristol Mask Limited, Bristol (UK), 2020-Present: founder, manufacturing and distributing surgical face masks
  • Partyfind, Bristol (UK), 2019-Present: co-founder, book birthday parties for kids
  • Designium LTD, Bristol (UK), 2017-Present: founder, designing, manufacturing and distributing furniture to B2B
  • Stefan Delaunay SARL, France (GP), 2004-2017: freelance, ecommerce development
  • Simultec, FR, 1997-2002, France (FR): freelance, IT services

Live in Gibraltar

stefan delaunay linkedinStay in contact? contact [at] sdelaunay dot com