As the dopamine rush from social media continues to erode our focus and motivation, the specter of AI’s influence brings about a new wave of fear.

robot shaking human hand

Embarking on my journey in 2013, I found myself knee-deep in coding for clients’ online stores. Little did I know, this path would soon lead me to an unexpected opportunity – launching my own online shop.

It was unexpected, but I couldn’t resist.

Within just a year, armed with only one internship, we achieved a remarkable feat – crossing the 400k revenue mark.

I committed over 72 hours each week to my work, leaving TV and social media behind. I made room for cherished family moments and sports.

When platforms like Instagram and TikTok rose after Facebook, discussions about their impact buzzed around. Yet, my focus remained resolute on my path. Even though these platforms seemed worlds apart, my ambitions outweighed their distractions.

Despite using social media for business and personal purposes, it often felt like an ongoing battle – a source of discomfort that even left a touch of disdain. I could sense the pull of addiction, yet I actively kept my distance.

Today, we understand the challenges posed by social platforms. Our kids navigate on a dopamine rollercoaster, and we strive to shape our future. It’s just one of the many hurdles we face in our lives, families, and communities.

Everyone has their priorities. I’m not here to give advice, but I believe in the power of focus and wise time allocation.

Rather than investing time in TV or social media, I’ve immersed myself in the realm of AI. From testing and working to analyzing, it’s akin to setting sail on an exhilarating journey. I’m captivated, much like a trailblazer uncovering new horizons. Given the choice, I’d opt for crafting with Generative AI over a Netflix binge any day.

Imagine AI as a guide to self-improvement. It doesn’t replace; it empowers. It amplifies abilities and fuels progress.

Through dedication, you’ll not only magnify your ability to create a meaningful impact but also cherish moments that hold genuine significance.